About the Fairy behind Wearable Whimzy

Glittery greetings, and shimmering salutations!
I’m Jess, and I’m an Autistic/ADHD/chronically ill fairy wing and accessory maker! I’ve had a life long love and passion for all things fantasy and fairies. I’ve been an artist from the moment I could pick up a pencil. My childhood/teenhood consisted of utilizing many classic art mediums: drawing/painting/sculpting, etc. But fast forward to early adulthood and I longed to BE the fairies I used to draw and paint. So in 2014, my passion for art and fairies turned into Wearable Whimzy! I have small-batch shop restocks once every 2 weeks or so, on Mondays at 6pm Central. Please have a look at my FAQ page for any questions you might have!
I also want to express that I greatly appreciate the support you all show me, and for the excitement you have for the magic I make! It really means so immeasurably much! I still can’t believe there are so many like-minded fairy souls out there that connect with my work the way you all do. Nothing makes me more elated than being able to bring joy to kindred fae spirits through my passion. A piece of my heart goes into every item I make, so I am limitlessly grateful for your incredible support. I would not be here without all of you! Thank you so fairy much for being here with me!