How Do I Wear My Wings?

All of my wings are mounted on a U shaped brace that is designed to slide down the back of your garment. A tight fitting garment such as a bra, bandeau or binder would be perfectly adequate for all my standard wings and smaller. On the less often occasions that I do make XL wings, a bodice or corset level security is ideal!



Do you take custom orders?

I'm sorry, no I do not!

Thank you for your understanding! :)

*** FULL TIME PERFORMERS may be considered on a case by case basis. Please email me for inquiries. 💚 wearablewhimzy@gmail.com


I missed out on the item I was going for in your last update. Will you make it again for me?

I'm so sorry you missed out, but no I don't do remakes. This falls closely under the "custom order" umbrella. But don't worry! All my designs and various color schemes always come back around in one form or another. I aim to make all my items in a wide range of color schemes for each update, so there is something for everyone's taste or needs!


Will you have "x" wing design/accessory/color scheme? When?

This is an incredibly common question! Short answer is always going to be "yes", and "soon".

Long answer is: I don't have a set plan for any given week until I start cutting frames or conceptualizing an accessory. I really just make and release whatever my heart feels like making that week. And it also depends on what colors of materials I happen to have on hand. A lot of my fabrics(not all, but some) are thrifted or purchased in small quantities. I also don't have the financial or spatial means to order and keep large quantities of wing and accessory materials in my personal stock either. But if I haven't made a design or color scheme recently, I'll try to make it(or something similar) soon. I cycle through all my designs and color schemes so frequently, that there is bound to be something that pops up soon that speaks to you! I so appreciate your patience!


 Where did you get the dress on your mannequin?!

I made it myself! It's my personal costume. It's actually two separate pieces: a corset and a skirt! Made to look like layered leaves! I will not be recreating it to sell. However, I do list similar looking corset and skirt slots from time to time. They are always made to order, made to measure, and color customizable. I don't make them often, but when I do, I always announce when they will go up! So please keep an eye on post captions if you're in the market for garments! In the mean time, if you'd like to see what they look like, visit my accessories page here on the website!


How much are your items?

Standard full sized wings: $200-$250 

Small wings: $150-$175

Doll/Headdress/Embellishment wings: $35-$50

Felt Hats: $170

Frond/Blossom Cowls: $165

Deluxe Frond/Blossom Cowls (include an extra layer of leaves): $195

Belt Pouches and Bracers: $65

Corsets: $280

Skirts: $140


I need my items FAST! What's your turnaround like?
I do not take rush orders!

However, all items listed in my shop are ready to ship(with the exception of occasional corset/skirt slots), so they ship within a couple days of my updates and will arrive quickly via USPS Priority! If you order an item mid-week that has been hanging out in the shop for a while, it will shop out after the next update, if not sooner!


Extra info about how I run my shop!

Due to my disabilities, I am only mentally and physically able to work 12-15 hours each week, MAX. I know this ‘small batch/ready-to-ship’ format is not ideal for everyone, but it’s simply the way my mind and body are able to function. I truly wish I could make more than I do, but I’m at my max limit! All of my daily energy is put towards working for a few hours, so my “off” time is spent resting and accommodating my disabilities so I can continue to work the next day! And this is by no means a pity party, AT ALL! I just want to be transparent with you all. It’s so important to me that everyone is informed. So this is why I have such a slow turnaround, and small batches! Imagine me as a sleepy garden snail. :)


So with that said, this is also why I do not take custom orders, or remakes! I’d appreciate if everyone could refrain from making requests/hopeful musings/“hint hints” for specific color schemes/customizations/custom orders! (Of course if I ASK for suggestions, please feel free to give them!) I hope I don’t inadvertently hurt anyone’s feelings with this boundary, because it’s truly not my intent! And I’m positive it’s no one else’s intent to pressure me, especially if they didn’t know about this boundary! We’re all just excited about fairy things! However, I need to protect my physical and mental health most of all. And if I can fully enjoy making the things I want to make with my limited abilities, without the demand of customizations, I’m going to do that! The positive for you all is that I never stick with one wing design/accessory/color scheme for long! So if anyone unfortunately misses out, I ask that everyone please be patient! Your favorite item/color scheme will always come back around! Thank you so fairy much!



I, Jessica Jacobs, cannot guarantee or endorse the validity and intention of statements(however vague) made by anyone other than myself made about the way I run my business. I am the sole voice and creator of Wearable Whimzy and how it's run. This includes but is not limited to operations, processes, designs, concepts, branding, photos, artwork, watermarks, social media content, and specific manner in which I PERSONALLY use materials.
I would also like to add that unless I explicitly say I have or will be collaborating with any other creators/businesses/persons, I have not.
Therefore, any statements made by anyone else but myself, that allude to speaking about the above information, are not a reliable source.
If there is any confusion about the above, or if you ever have any questions or concerns about items you have purchased or plan to purchase from me, please send me an email! I am happy to help!